The Illinois Gaming Board


The Illinois Gaming Board has the difficult task and responsibility to implement the largest distributive retail gaming network in the United States.  The IGB is guided by principles of integrity, safety, transparency and enforcement.  They are largely independent of state budgetary pressures and accountability to the Illinois Treasury Department.  The IGB’s success in regulating video gaming is imperative to the long-term health and sustainability of the industry.  IGS believes strongly that those privileged to be licensed must do all it can to support the work of the IGB, respecting their role as protector, not as adversary.

State-sponsored gaming is controversial.  Without effective regulatory oversight, the industry will most certainly fail.  Strong regulatory oversight effectively eliminates the existence of (and the market for) illegal “grey machine” activities.  Strong regulatory oversight and rule making opens up gaming as entertainment to a large and entirely new population of players and guests to our small businesses.  Strong regulatory oversight will add significant and desperately needed revenue to help fund state budgetary needs.  The result is thousands of new Illinois jobs in the hospitality and service industries, and significant support of local businesses and communities.

We can debate the public policy surrounding state-sponsored gaming — But there is no debate that a healthy, sustainable state-sponsored gaming industry requires effective regulatory oversight.  As participants we must all do our part, particularly those licensed as Terminal Operators, to support the important work of the Illinois Gaming Board.

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