IGS Is Your Total Gaming Solution

IGS Is Your Total Gaming Solution

Illinois Gaming Systems is a multi-state gaming company specializing in retail-based video gaming within a distributive network.

We have over 20 years experience in precisely the form of retail gaming that is coming to Illinois.  IGS route operations in Oregon and West Virginia perform at many times their state’s sales average.  Our extensive experience and proven results mean we can offer a complete gaming solution designed for the particular need, real estate, bar/restaurant configuration and market opportunity that your establishment presents.

Experience means we know what works and we know what does not work.  We understand the gaming customer, the gaming retailer and the undervalued gaming regulator.  Whether you work with IGS or not, we strongly recommend that you select an operator that has specific experience in distributive retail (not casino) video gaming.

IGS Scope of Services include:

  • With over $50 million in active wagers per month in multiple states, IGS has the experience to help you develop your location to be the highest performing sales operation possible.
  • Gather, report and offer analysis of local market share and performance data.  Being able to obtain and analyze your performance compared to other licensed establishments offers invaluable operational insights and opens up new opportunities.
  • Offer a selection of the highest performing video lottery terminals available.  We have the experience to make the proper selection of machines and games to maximize gaming revenue and profitability.
  • Proper unit lay-out and design is critically important (and often undervalued) key success factor in retail gaming.  We recommend that you work with a company that understands how to evaluate multiple configuration options as you consider optimal design alternatives.  It’s the little stuff that makes the difference.
  • Assist with the selection of important and appropriate gaming accessories.
  • Assist with the design and functionality of a complete security solution.  We have seen enough examples of security issues to know how to best protect your establishment, your team members and your guests.
  • Implement state-of-the-art cash control, security and reporting features.
  • Assist with staff training and make recommendations for operating procedures and policies.
  • Assist with proven advertising and marketing strategies.
  • Check us out and see for yourself why IGS is Illinois’ premier terminal operator.  IGS has the experience you can bank on!

Meet Bill Service and Illinois Gaming Systems:

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Performance Reporting

Illinois Gaming Systems believes that accurate and timely reporting offers significant benefits to establishment owners and its managers.  The IGS team are experts in system design including developing remote tools to monitor and report real time information that assists in analyzing sales, operating costs, and security.  The Illinois Gaming Board will soon finalize certain rule decisions and vendor contract requirements that will guide cash control and monitoring requirements.  The IGS team has the experience to develop custom tools needed for the Illinois market as its team has done many times before in other markets.

Just some of the many exciting new tools under development for Illinois include:

  • Mobile Reporting
  • Wireless data collection
  • Analytical sales tools to optimize labor and operating hours
  • Cash reconciliation and shift accountability
  • Employee training tools
  • Sales graphs and charts
  • Localized market share reports

Illinois Gaming System is Experience you can bank on.

Your Illinois Gaming Operator

The Terminal Operator places licensed gaming equipment (slot machines)  in your licensed establishment.  The Terminal Operator provides and maintains the machines at no cost to the establishment.  They manage all the cash handling, including paying player winnings through an automated payout device.  The machines are made by nationally recognized  slot manufactures like Spielo, IGT, and Bally’s.  All machines must adhere to rigorous testing and undergo a validation process to ensure compliance with national and state standards in order to be approved by the Illinois Gaming Board.  Illinois Gaming Systems is proud to be among the first group of  Terminal Operators licensed on January 15, 2012.

In addition to the Terminal Operator, each retail establishment must be licensed as well; the License application is an online process.

The Standard Use Agreement between Terminal Operators and establishment owners

The licensed establishment owner enters into a standard “use” agreement with a Terminal Operator.  The agreement outlines the largely regulated terms between the two companies.  The operator brings in, installs, and maintains the gaming equipment.  Not only does the operator give a percentage of the earnings to the retailer in a dedicated bank account, but he/she must give the taxes due to the state of Illinois.  The licensed establishment provides public access to the gaming terminals to adults over 21 years old (only) and maintains an on premise liquor license.  The Gaming Board oversees a central computer system which monitors all activity on the machines, provides mutual transparency, and accountability to all parties.

The Illinois Gaming Act requires that revenues be shared equally between the retailer and the operator.  The split is based on net terminal income (“NTI”).  NTI is the difference between the cash deposited into the gaming machines and the prizes paid to players.  Thirty percent (30%) of NTI is paid to the State immediately.  The remaining seventy percent (70%) is shared equally by the retailer and the operator.  For example, if the NTI is $100,000, the establishment and the operator would each earn $35,000 ($100,000 * 70% * 50%).  The Terminal Operator and the establishment owner cannot own, manage, or have any control of the other’s business.

These rules are intended to strengthen the integrity of the statewide gaming system thereby enhancing public and regulatory confidence in the industry.  We encourage you to visit IGS Total Solution to learn more about why you may want to choose Illinois Gaming Systems as your Terminal Operator.

How do you choose your operator?

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