Our Services

An Extensive Scope Of Services

At IGS we do things differently. We provide a multitude of services that are guaranteed to make your experience with us professional and profitable, at no cost to you. From the application process to technical support, we work with you each step of the way to ensure your video gaming venture is successful. IGS is your total solution.

Development Services

  • Location Planning

    If you are planning to open a new establishment, we can help you identify real estate and provide a market analysis for areas of interest. We also provide assistance with the layout and design aesthetic of your space.

  • Layout & Design

    Proper unit layout and design is a key success factor in retail gaming. We evaluate multiple configuration options for optimal design. Let the IGS team walk you through a layout design that best fits the characteristics of your establishment. We can seamlessly integrate gaming into your establishment’s current design while creating an optimal environment for your gaming guests.

  • Electrical & Data Wiring

    We equip our clients with the appropriate electrical wiring to ensure functionality of all equipment. Clients are pre-wired for advantageous technology tools including machine performance analytics and an integrated player rewards system.

  • Application & Licensing Support

    Completing your application can seem like a stressful process. It doesn’t have to be. Your account manager will walk you through the rules and regulations needed for acquiring your license and will assist with the submission of your application. IGS has assisted over 200 clients in the submission of a variety of applications and other requirements allowing us to make this easy for our clients.

  • Machine Selection

    At IGS we install machines from the most profitable national VGT manufacturers. We look at each establishment independently to determine the best machine mix based on the geographic region as well as the machine mix of local competitors.

  • Security Solutions

    We assist with the design and implementation of a complete security solution, which includes commercial grade DVRs and cameras.

Support & Operation Services

  • Technical Support

    A staff of courteous and experienced technicians are armed with the training, tools, and resources to minimize machine downtime. Technical support is available seven days a week just a phone call away.

  • Cash Handling

    Collecting and moving video gaming related cash in your establishment efficiently and safely is crucial. IGS utilizes professional armored car services to transport funds to, from, and within your establishment.

  • Operations Support

    Our service-minded operations group is responsible for ordering, installing, upgrading, repairing, and maintaining all of the video gaming equipment in your establishment. Our trained staff coordinate all the steps to bring your site “live” and keep it running.

  • Staff Training

    Successful establishments all have one thing in common, great service. Over 25 years of video gaming experience has allowed IGS to develop a comprehensive training program for your employees to ensure they are knowledgeable about all aspects of the VGTs and gaming clients service needs. We also offer recommendations for operating procedures and policies.

  • Dedicated Account Managers

    Our team of dedicated account managers work with each and every one of our clients individually to grow gaming revenues. IGS account managers bring years of knowledge and versatile skills to assist establishments in every aspect of the gaming process.

Development Services

  • Reports & Analytics

    IGS reports and analyzes local market share and performance data to provide to clients, offering invaluable insights. New tools under development include mobile reporting, wireless data collection, and analytical sales tools to optimize labor and operating hours, machine mix and more.

  • Advertising and Marketing

    IGS works with our clients to develop tailored marketing programs based on the specific needs of the establishment. The IGS team designs a marketing mix that creates awareness, boosts sales, grows and retains your client base and maximizes your profits.

  • Player Rewards

    IGS expects player rewards to soon be approved by the IGB. IGS pre-wires establishments for this technology. IGS is actively developing a player rewards platform and an initial program is expected in 2017. An integrated version is pending IGB approval.