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What Are Video Gaming Terminals?

Video gaming terminals, commonly referred to as VGTs, are multi-game slot machines substantially similar to those found on the boats. Each VGT offers a variety of different popular and proven games including video poker and slot games. Players can wager as little as $.01 to as much as $2.00 per spin, and can win up to $500 per spin. Each VGT is connected to a centralized computer system monitored by Scientific Games (SciGames), who implements and administers a Central Communications System (CCS) in conjunction with the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB).

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The Terminal Operator

The terminal operator is responsible for placing VGTs in licensed establishments. IGS is proud to have been one of the first terminal operators licensed in the state of Illinois. IGS provides and maintains the VGTs at no cost to the establishment and manages all cash handling, including customer payouts for winnings via an automated kiosk payout device. This eliminates the need for employees to handle cash transactions. The VGTs we install are made by nationally recognized slot manufacturers including Bally, Spielo, IGT, and WMS.

Licensed Establishment

The IGB currently licenses three types of establishments that are looking to add video gaming terminals to their location.

Restaurant / Bar

Organization / Club

Truck Stop

Restaurant / Bar

The retail establishment license is the most common issued license by the IGB issued to restaurants and bars. To qualify as a licensed retail establishment you must be a licensed pour establishment, holding both a local and state on-premise liquor license.

Organization / Club

Fraternal organizations and veterans establishments qualify to be licensed establishments and must have a charter derived from a national organization and meet regularly, as well as hold both a local and state on-premise liquor license.

Truck Stop

In order to qualify as a licensed truck stop establishment the following minimum requirements must be met:

1. Must be at least a 3 acre facility with a convenience store
2. Must have a separate diesel island for fueling commercial vehicles
3. Must sell more than 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel per month
4. Must provide parking space for commercial motor vehicles

The Illinois Gaming Board

The IGB has the difficult task and responsibility to regulate the largest distributive retail gaming network in the United States. Guided by principles of integrity, safety, transparency and enforcement, the IGB oversees a central computer system which monitors all activity on the machines, provides mutual transparency, and accountability to all parties.

Success in regulating video gaming is imperative to the long-term health and sustainability of the industry. IGS believes strongly that those privileged to be licensed must do all they can to support the work of the IGB, respecting their role as protector and enforcer of policy.

Revenue Share

Specifies how the gaming income is to be split between the state of Illinois, the local municipality, the licensed establishment and the terminal operator. The Net Terminal Income (NTI) that is split is the difference between the cash inserted into the game less the cash prizes paid out. The NTI is collected by the terminal operator and paid to the various constituencies in accordance with the Act.

of NTI is paid to the State immediately. 28% tax goes to the local municipality 5% 67% 33.5% goes to the retailer. 33.5% goes to the operator. NET TERMINAL INCOME is shared equally by the retailer and the operator.